LightSwitch helps development teams and businesses deploy code across multiple environments in a safe and efficient manner using feature switching.

Release code, safely
Across your environments

Deploy code and new features to any of your products, across any of your environments. In a safe and efficient manner. LightSwitch gives you the flexibility to create toggles and switch on features as and when you need.

Autonomy for developers
Freedom to create

LightSwitch gives our customers the ability to create and manage as many user accounts as they need. Allowing anyone from a development team or within your business to create new features and manage access to functionality.

Get to production
Reduce business downtime

Get new features into production, quickly and safely without impacting existing functionality. Using LightSwitch gives you another way to rollback code that contains bugs. Reducing downtime in production systems and products.

Deliver new features
Quickly and often

By using LightSwitch to manage the delivery of new features to your projects or products. This will allow teams to constantly get new functionality into production. Providing value to your business on a consistent basis. To rapidly build feature rich products.

Bring teams together
Improving quality

Modern development teams are made up of people with a variety of skills. By focusing on delivering new features instead worrying about breaking production. This will bring developers, testers, product owners and business stakeholders together to improve software quality.

Our Pricing

Choose Your Monthly Price Plan

Choose from one of our three price plans to help you find the best fit for your needs. Select one of our subscriptions below and create your first feature switch.


Up to 10 user accountsCan be used on 5 different instancesCreate up to 100 different feature switches/togglesUnlimited usage



Up to 25 user accountsCan be used on 10 different instancesCreate up to 250 different feature switches/togglesUnlimited usage



Unlimited user accountsCan be used on 100 different instancesNo limit on the number of feature switches/togglesUnlimited usage


Release Code, Effortlessly

Save Time And Reduce Deployment Headaches

LightSwitch helps development teams to focus on delivering new functionality, by offering a set of tools to easily create and implement feature toggling and tagging into existing .Net based products and projects.

Our service allows new features to be deployed across multiple environments. Enabling teams to implement new functionality behind a feature switch to reduce downtime and the stresses associated with releasing new code.

Purpose Built

Designed to allow developers to quickly setup and implement feature switches in code.
Which can then be deployed across multiple environments and instances.


Add as many user accounts as you need. Allowing any member of a software team to manage and use the feature switches that are implemented across the businesses code base.


Our feature switch control panel works on mobile, tablet and on desktop devices. Allowing teams to manage and use their feature switches anywhere, anytime. Perfect for remote working.

Get Notified

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About Us

LightSwitch is a new way to help developers deploy code across multiple environments in a safe and efficient manner using feature switching. Helping you to release code in-hours and focus on delivering quality software.

Whether you are a hobbyist developer working on your own projects. Work as part of a development team in an Agile/SCRUM environment, trying to deliver value to existing software products. Or run multiple development teams across various product streams. LightSwitch is here to help you quickly and safely deploy new code and features into your .Net projects and products. Helping you manage access to new features for your team(s) and customers.

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